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Welcome to the CompTech Systems, LTD. Website, where we provide "New concepts for OEM solutions".

CompTech Systems can introduce your company with new technologies from Elo TouchSystems, in touch screens, touch monitors, Innovative monitor arms, LCD displays, with quick to design LCD control boards, display and controller chip, "all in one computers", long term imbedded motherboards. We also can provide a full complement of power supplies from Coolisys and further offerings for your final design.

We start by providing demonstrations of the technologies in touch screens, monitor and LCD displays for your company's current and developing products. CompTech can supply a sample of our products for design along with providing very competitive pricing with any of the products we represent.

Our technical staff will help by introducing the correct product required for the application. If the application requires an arm to mount an "all in one computer" or monitor, Innovative products can offer a variety of standard, mounting solutions which can be purchased directly from CompTech Systems or design a custom, from the factory for the specific requirement.

If the design needs custom industrial computer integration or standard and custom motherboards with 8 years plus longevity, Corvalent would be an intelligent choice. Along with your systems we can provide full racks or technical furniture from Extron/Knurr.

Hantronix has excellent passive and TFT LCD displays and custom displays suited for existing or new design applications.

Elo TouchSystems can provide the touch interface that the end customer will desire. Elo manufactures all of these touch technologies. Five wire resistive, surface acoustic wave, capacitive, infrared, and the new acoustic pulse recognition touch screen. Elo's largest offerings are their touch monitors. They manufacture desktop, including medical, panel mount or full custom monitors. Sizes range from 10.1 inch to 48 inch wide aspect touch monitors and now introducing the new APR and Intellitouch bezel-less monitors. Elo has also introduced the "All in One Touch Computers", with sizes of 15 to 70 inch. With more sizes will be available in the very near future.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in products and services from CompTech Systems. By clicking on the individual manufacturer, you will be able to explore the vast product offerings, or send us an email and we can shorten your search and answer the questions you have. As a direct representative of these manufacturers, we are obligated to provide the best possible service, pricing and products that our manufacturers supply. That is why CompTech Systems has been in business for over thirty five years in New England.

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