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CompTech Systems is a full-service manufacturer's rep for several leading technology manufacturers that supply the following products.

Standard and custom LCD displays
Design-in capability product for LCD displays
Multiple touch screen technologies
Standard and custom "All in One" touch computer
Articulating arms
Full range of custom and standard computer boards.
Complete range of computer systems
Racks and custom work stations and control panels

CompTech Systems, LTD. has been servicing the New England territory since 1981, under the name CompTech, Inc. In January of 1996, we changed the name to CompTech Systems, LTD. and moved the office from Tyngsboro, MA, to Hopkinton, MA. We are now located in Upton, MA. Over nineteen years ago, CompTech started to primarily focus on a sub-system level product. We retained the Touch Screen Systems and LCD products as well as adding higher integration of human interface type products to further our offings.

The CompTech Systems, LTD. name was derived from this new direction. We believe in selling a more niche, customized product line. This way we maintain a line card that is completely synergistic, and limited in the total number of manufacturers we represent. CompTech sales personnel work with a variety of customers, from manufacturers of consumer products to industrial, medical, education, government and military systems. The territory we cover consists of the six New England states - Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine and Vermont.

Our philosophy is customer oriented. We develop strong relationships with our customers by listening to their requirements and product needs and coordinating this with our Principals. Our skills are focused on communications with both the prospective customer and our Principal. CompTech Systems goes that extra mile to keep the customer satisfied with the manufacturers that we represent.

As a representative we operate on a partnership basis with our Principals' companies, providing CompTech Systems, LTD's full cooperation in selling their product lines. We share in the determination to grow the business and have a very long and fruitful relationship with each respected manufacturer that we represent.

Frank Johnson, President CompTech Systems, LTD

Below are different types products CompTech Systems, LTD can help you with. Please contact us to see how we can help you.

Industrial NAND Flash storage & Memory Manufacturer
Solid State Hard Drives
Flash cards
Custom designs

Industrial motherboard
Imbedded PC
Rack mount PC
Medical PC
Long term motherboards
Systems integration

Elo TouchSystems
All in one Touch computer
Wide screen touch monitor
Medical monitor
POS monitors
Kiosk monitor
Industrial monitor
Capacitive touchscreen
Resistive touchscreen
SAW touchscreen
Infrared touchscreen

TFT LCD displays
Graphic displays
Alpha numeric displays
OLED display
Custom LCD displays

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